First Sprint

Vote on HN

Today at work, I sat in my first planning poker meeting. This was in preparation of our next 4 weeks of development time. We used the Planning Poker site to vote on suggested projects. I had read a little bit about user stories back in my Rails class, but the few times I tried practicing agile development methodologies were always met with whining and criticism. It's good to be at a place where people support this.

The meeting brought up a lot of vague and not fully defined problems that we need to work on. It didn't help with researching or the actual design needed for some of the problems. However, it was still good to have a 30,000 mile view of what's coming up for the next month. Two things that caught my attention that I'd like to read more into are Background Job to replace BackgrounDRB, and Sphinx to replace Acts as Ferret.

Originally I had planned to have one day this weekend dedicated to writing and testing some features for housing, but the time disappeared and I lacked to motivation to pick that up. Hopefully next week will bring more updates in that area.

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