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Just a quick cheatsheet of how to get around in Info mode in Emacs.

  • n,p - next previous nodes
  • u - up a node
  • m - menu items (things that start with *)
  • f - cross references (things underlined)
  • m?, f? - list of cross refs or menus
  • l,r - last, reverse-last
  • t - top node
  • d - directory (index of info)
  • q - quit
  • M-x info-appropos
  • g - goto node (by name)
  • 1..9 - menu item by number

SICP in Info Format!

Setting up your own Info docs

This came about because I was having some trouble installing rinari for emacs. On the plus side, I got to read through some intro material about emacs lisp and came across what's in peter's head

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