Debian/Ubuntu Specific Rails with Postgresql

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I spent the weekend migrating from my shared hosting at Dreamhost over to VPS hosting at SilverRack. In the move, I setup my housing app to run on postgresql instead of mysql. I was in for a few surprises though.

When I ran db:migrate, I got a strange error:

 rake aborted!
 No such file or directory - /tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432

At first I thought it was because postgres wasn't started, but that didn't make sense because I had another terminal with psql running just fine. If you follow the --trace message, you'll find that the most poorly named option in database.yml will fix this problem:

   adapter: postgresql
   # ... other stuff
   host: /var/run/postgresql

The 'host' parameter is the directory Rails looks in to get the tmp file to determine how to connect to postgres. I guess in other *nix systems this is conventionally in tmp, but that's not true for Debian based distros.

After fixing that, I ran into another little problem:

psql: FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "xxx"

This one comes as a result of good defaults by the Debian postgresql configs. A quick google solved this one:

# add to pg_hba.conf, found in /etc/postgresql/...
local    all   all   trust
host     all    trust

For a cheatsheet of setting up a Rails project with Postgresql, check out this guide I wrote a while back.

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